Monday, November 21, 2016

When There Is Rain Outside the Window

Sometimes that means you are here,
When the water is as soft as breath against the slate roof
There is a sweet darkness in the room like the spaces between your fingers.
I touch your skin which has become moist with our radiance.

We lie still, but I see us move through the branches outside
A forest of black swords, under a floating moon
That has disappeared into the coffin rooms of the sky
And yet we are never so alive as now.

Sometimes you get caught
In the dark static of my hair, sometimes
The mole under your eye is a small planet
That spins in its mystery, a mystery of planetary love.

Now my heart grows a rose beneath
Your hand, the one you gathered
From your mother’s garden, one that opens
Then drops its petals like love notes on the ground.

Your back, I feel its strong blade beneath
Your shoulder, press my ear to your chest and
Listen to the brave soldier of your heart.
You say, you are sweet, and our mouths melt.

Here in this night, as rain hisses outside the window,
Nothing is really terrible because everything is beautiful,
How our bodies move like the heavens
Filling up the houses of other worlds. 

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